Poker Report November 2017: A Tale of Two Halves


I’ve finished my second month of playing No Limit Hold’em. Result wise October wasn’t successful, but I still started first part of November in good spirits, due to upwards momentum from the end of previous month. And it actually didn’t stop!

So yes, I made some profit this month, got everything that I’ve lost in October back with a little extra. If you were following my blog or social media, I’m sure you couldn’t miss my post about winning the National Championship Team Event. I did spam it everywhere 😛 So that was a nice little bonus, which I’m not counting towards my results in this project, but still.

Below are the graphs for both PartyPoker and Unibet. Altogether I’ve played 16894 hands in 33 hours for a total profit of 201,11 € ($238,35). You can’t use tracking software at Unibet, so I had to wait for their support to send me the details about hands played and then I recreated HM2 graph in Excel. I think I did pretty good job copying this style, but please don’t ask me how many hours this took! 😀

PartyPoker: $102,62 winnings + $57,75 bonuses
Unibet: 47,80€ winnings + 18,00 € bonuses

So why is November a tale of two halves? Well because 90% of the hands played in this month came in the first two weeks. I studied, watched videos, played every day for 2 hours on average, everything went smoothly but then busy life happened. Was so occupied in the second half of the month that I only managed additional two playing days, one national championship tournament and zero studying. The latter is the worst of all. 😕

To be quite honest, I started with this project at (probably) the worst period of my life timewise. I’m still confident I can do this, I just need to allocate my precious time a bit better. 🙂 It’s also true I’ve been doing some stuff I didn’t really need to. Will talk more about this in the future posts. I have so many ideas for new things/projects, but no idea how to actually see them through. Also have a plan to do more poker updates on Slovenian PokerPro forum, because it’s a bit too boring otherwise. Here on the blog will stick with once a month report.

November 2017

Hands played: 16894
PartyPoker: 12550, Unibet: 4344

Hours played: 33h

Winnings: $159,27 (134,38€)
PartyPoker: $102,62, Unibet: 47,80€

Cashback and bonuses: $79,08 (66,73€)
PartyPoker: $57,75, Unibet: 18,00€

Net total: $238,35 (201,11€)
+ 450€ in live tournament