Poker Report May 2018: Quantity Over Quality


It’s almost never good when quantity beats quality and it’s no different in poker. I’ve played a lot this month, probably too much at the expense of not studying enough. That’s definitely not the recipe for success, but there’s still lots of positives that I can take from May!

High Energy

I actually had a lot of fun at the tables. I played pretty much every evening, grinding multiple tables, battling with players and I loved it. It’s hard to be a poker player, if you don’t enjoy in what you do and that’s how I felt sometimes in my previous years.

There were periods when I lost motivation and then needed months to get back into the games. I remember once (that was before I was PokerStars Team Pro Online) when I went on summer vacations for 3 weeks or so and when I came home, I didn’t pick up poker right away. Instead I waited a few weeks, took an even longer break, but then lost my “mojo”, motivation and it was a lot harder to start grinding again. And then I just said “I’ll start tomorrow” for who knows how long and suddenly it was autumn.

It was similar this time around as I didn’t play in December/January due to moving and other life stuff, and then I just prolonged things in February and March. But now, the energy is on really high level and I definitely should take advantage of that. But not with play only…

Awesome World Cup Promo at Unibet

Just want to say a few things about this awesome promotion that Unibet has for up and coming football World Cup 2018, where you are collecting all the teams that will compete at the tournament. Every 6 days new group opens with a new sets of challenges for each team in the group. And when you complete the mission, you unlock that team. For each team you get €200 Flip tournament ticket (not worth much). If you unlock whole group, you get €10.000 Freeroll ticket (haven’t managed to do that yet) and if your unlocked team wins the World Cup, you enter the €50.000 draw. This is what I’m aiming for, this is where “the big money is” :). Here are the teams that I collected so far.

Missing France is bad.

Biggest regret is not unlocking France when I had a chance (can’t go back now, groups are locked). I think the mission was to see 100 flops at PL Omaha, which could easily be done in one 2 hours session or so, but I decided not to do it. Now you know for which team I most definitely won’t be cheering this summer 😀

Currently Group F is opened and I’m in the process of getting Germany, don’t you worry about that. It’s “the hardest” challenge so far, needing 400 flops at NL10 or higher, so I guess they have to be favourites to take it down at the end? Might even go for Mexico too (win a 5-man SNG), just to get €10.000 Freeroll ticket to see how good of a value it actually is.

It seems that I have all the other important teams. Need England and Belgium from Group G, nothing from Group H really. Missing Portugal is not the best. Maybe even Uruguay? As said, France is the worst.

Discipline Problem and June Goals

I set some goals for the month of May and that was to beat the limits that I’m currently playing at. Well, here’s the deal… My biggest problem so far, besides the obvious lack of knowledge, is discipline. I’ve never thought I’ll be saying that, but yes, discipline. Not in a traditional kind of way, though. I am not tilting or anything like that, the biggest disciplinary problem I have is that money at the current limits doesn’t mean much to me and therefore I’m calling down too much, going all-in to much, being curious what people hold so I chase draws and call when odds are not in my favour.

If I had actually played super disciplined, if I eliminated these mistakes (and I did have periods when I managed that), I would become a better player overnight. Would that make me a winner at current limits? I think I would still be a slight loser on NL10 PartyPoker before bonuses and definitely beat NL25 on Unibet with addition of some table selection. Not by much, but still a winner. Especially the latter part is a big deal! And I’m not saying that according to my results, as you will see they are still not impressive, but just trying to be objective, which I think I can be with +10 years of poker experience. There would be no point in lying to myself.

So I have two goals for the month of June and that is:

  • Have a study:playing ratio of 1:1
  • Start making notes on player

I have to turn down the quantity a notch and rather focus on quality. I also think 1:1 ratio with studying is a good ratio to aim at. I’ll be tracking those hours as well. And I have to start getting into habit of making notes on players. There’s lots of stuff that I notice already and in Zoom pools you’re playing with the same guys and gals all the time.

May 2018 Results

Hands played: 45169
PartyPoker: 28791, Unibet: 16378

Hours played: 87h

Winnings: -$102,27 (-87,21€)
PartyPoker: -$73,00, Unibet: -24,96€

Cashback and bonuses: $110,54 (94,28€)
PartyPoker: $63,64, Unibet: 40,00€

Net total: $8,27 (7,07€)

PartyPoker: -$73,00 winnings + $63,64 cashback
Unibet: -24,96€ winnings + 40,00 € cashback