Now Or Never

It's now or never

So it’s been almost a year since I posted my plans for my poker game and I haven’t really done anything since then. I did play No Limit here and there, without any real knowledge. Not really losing money, but also not winning it either. You can’t win (or lose) much at NL10 anyway.

Wait time is over

Why haven’t I done anything? Secretly I was hoping that PokerStars would be back in my country so I could start grinding Fixed Limit again, but now we kind of got a confirmation from our government that new gambling law won’t be accepted in their current mandate, so that also means no PokerStars for me for quite a while.

old dog learning new tricks
Old dog getting even older and tricks getting trickier.

So in terms of my poker game – I’m in trouble. Don’t know how to play anything besides Limit and even that I haven’t played a hand of it since July 2016. If I say I’m a bit rusty, that would be quite an understatement. I wonder how long it would take before I’m back in my game and start winning again (if ever!).

Will probably never find out, due to the fact that I, without a doubt, should be moving on to a »new« game and now it would be a perfect opportunity to do so. There’s also some big changes coming in my life, which I’ll talk later in some next blogs, so it seems it’s indeed now or never.

Starting from the ground up

I know it’s going to suck at the beginning, playing for such a small amount of money, when a year ago I was at the tables that were equivalent to NL400 or something. But have to think about this as an investment and just grind it through. I know where I want to be and I know the path that I need to take.

Starting here

It’s true I’ll be starting from scratch, but I still have quite a head start from my competition. First and foremost it’s my discipline which almost all players at these limits will lack off. I’m also not necessarily limited by bankroll either. And second is my 10+ years of experience. I know No Limit Hold’em or any other game is quite different than Limit Hold’em, but I hope I picked up some stuff along the way that can help me in whatever game I’d take on. If it didn’t, that would be kinda sad to be honest…

So expect some new material here on this blog. Of course I’ll be posting graphs and numbers of my journey, because I know it would be a bit boring without those anyway. 🙂 I intend to be super transparent about it, especially since lots of people still doubt poker as a skill game or its profitability and I want to keep proving them wrong. Will also talk about finances including investments and certainly anything else that comes up to my mind.

So stay tuned!