LuckyChewy with a new poker site


Well this one really came out of nowhere. Andrew Lichtenberger also known online as LuckyChewy announced on Twitter his new pokersite called LuckyChewyPoker.

If this name rings a bell to you, it’s really no wonder. He is a well known professional poker player for many years now. Everybody got to know him during his deep run in WSOP Main Event in 2009, when he finished 18th for half a million dollars. He also made an appearance in reality TV poker show called 2 Months 2 Million, as a guest in episode 3 where Dani, Jay, Brian and Emil challenged a rival Vegas house (AE Jones, Starkey, Zugwat, LuckyChewy) in a battle of three different categories – football, nightlife and poker. Losers had to clean the winner’s house. (man, that was a good show, I definitely miss it!) Back then he was introduced as 21 year old poker millionaire wizkid, who liked to chew granola bars.

After that, it seems he was flying a bit under the radar. Whoever wasn’t following poker world closely enough hasn’t heard much about him. That is until his World Poker Tour Alpha 8 win for more than $1,7 million. After that he also won a WSOP 2016 bracelet and now he’s announcing a new poker site. So yeah, this really feels like The Second Coming of Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger. Savior of online poker players maybe?

If you think I just made a Jesus reference because of his looks, then well… You are totally correct! I mean, you have to admit that resemblance is uncanny! His WPT win and his physical appearance on the final table caught me totally off guard. I may be joking here a little bit, but Andrew is promoting healthy lifestyle, yoga, being spiritual, eating no processed, just raw/organic food and I have nothing but upmost respect for people like him. I’m definitely not strong enough to change my lifestyle like that – I am literally eating a chocolate muffin while writing this blog right now.

LuckyChewy gif with Galfond's guest appearance

From players to players

It seems we poker players were waiting for a new online site for ages, but now all of a sudden, we might even get two?? The first one who hinted he might be opening one was Phil Galfond and about three months ago he even made an official announcement with a title “A Poker Site Should” on his training site RunItOnce. In poker world Phil is regarded as one of the most trustworthy people, one of the “good guys”, so there definitely was quite a hype created around it.

Since then we are getting pretty much radio silence from him, which is not good of course, but it’s also kind of expected. Creating a poker site is quite a project that doesn’t happen over night and people were already asking questions about the smallest details possible. But in these three months I read a lot of advices from twoplustwo-ers how a new site should look like and what an online room should offer and here’s a quick summary for you:

  • Low rake
  • High rakeback and other rewards
  • Software mix of FTP and PokerStars, but better
  • High traffic with Fish:Reg ratio of 1:1
  • Accepting Bitcoins, fast cashouts, segregated funds
  • Accepting Americans, Italians, French and Spaniards without any regards to legality of the issue
  • Banning Russians and Ukrainians
  • 24/7 supermodel MIT live support
  • All the poker variants in the world, including badeucy, badacey, razzdugi, open-face chinese, 5 and 6-cards PLO (lol you 4 cards casuals)
  • Spin&Goes are not beatable. Spin&Goes are a must!
  • Isildur sponsored pro
  • Twoplustwo has a say in every future move that site does
  • 3rd party software? … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
luckychewpoker beta client
LuckyChewyPoker beta client

In all seriousness, opening a new poker site at this time seems like a real money pit. A bottomless as well. Investments in marketing, to attract enough fun players for sharks to take their money, has to be enormous. Just look what PokerStars is doing with their recent TV campaign featuring Cristiano Ronaldo, real Ronaldo, Neymar and Aaron Paul. They even got Dwayne Wade to do #RaiseIt videos. How can a newly established site compete with that?

Obviously they have to know something that I don’t. Both Phil and Andrew are way smarter than I am and if they are willing to jump into online poker industry game, then I trust them completely, even thought I’m leaning a bit on pessimistic side. We definitely need a new blood in terms of online poker sites. Additional competition is never bad and it can only be good for us players and that’s why we should wish them all the best!

There’s one thing for certain, thought. I like LuckyChewy’s approach way better than Galfond’s. He already released a beta client before making an announcement, while Phil’s site is still at “Arriving Q1 2017”, but because of the silence, we have no idea if project is still on track or not. Another interesting thing is twitter correspondence, which might be hinting at some kind of collaboration between these two? That would be quite a story I have to say. Looking forward to see how things are going to transpire!