First Impression and Unibet 2.0


I’ve been playing on Unibet for about a week now. Basically I’m just checking and testing things out, to see if this new poker site is really going to be the best fit for me.

Unibet also released a new poker software version 2.0. I had some problems with the previous one, so I decided to jump in right away, even thought the new one was still in beta. And I have to say everything is working smoothly for me. No disconnects, crashes or missing players at the tables. Of course there are still some bugs and some improvements to be made, but they have a really active community that is keeping them busy all the time 🙂

unibet table
Unibet v2.0

As I’ve promised I started playing No Limit Hold’em. Didn’t play much, just two tables at the time, trying to get used to the software, players, playing HUD-less and read-less. Being without a HUD is not a big deal for me. Even though I relied a lot on it at PokerStars, I was always advocating poker without 3rd parties software. But playing without notes is going to be really hard. I was very rigorous with note taking and colour coding everyone I ever met on the tables. I’m not even sure how I’m going to tackle this one, to be honest. I guess I’ll just have to adapt (or do the notepad).

I’ve tried a little bit of NL10 and little bit of NL25. Without any knowledge about this weird variant called no limit ( 😛 ), I can safely say that I was never the worst player at NL10 tables 😀 That is obviously a good sign. But (of course there’s a but), at the NL25 tables it was a different story. I actually felt lost quite a few times. There were players who were limping preflop, coldcalling Q3s and calling all-in with 49o, so the games are certainly good, but I didn’t know how to exploit that. I blame my lack of proper NL fundamentals 🙂

All in all I’m down few buyins altogether, but that is totally expected. I know very well that I’ll be losing some more before I actually started winning at No Limit, or at least be breakeven player on a good side of variance. This is an investment I’m willing to make and I’m sure it’s the right way to go.

I think I’ll take December on an easy and really dive in on January instead. Unibet Challenges (read: rakeback) is also quarterly and next one starts on January 1st and that’s a good date to aim. You know… New Year’s resolutions and stuff 🙂 I’ll try to soak up as much as possible during month of December, play to get some hands in – I’m also clearing €200 Welcome Bonus. And who know, I might even get a trip Around the World 😀 (new Unibet promotion).