Poker Report October 2017: Clicking random buttons


In October I decided that there was enough wait on PokerStars coming back to Slovenia, so I deposited 325€ on PartyPoker, got myself a starting hand chart and just jumped into the games. I did play some hands in months before, but nothing like in October where I put in more than 26.000 hands. I know every active poker player will laugh at this number, but for me this is a record since December 2015!

So not knowing much about No Limit, I tried to apply my Fixed Limit logic to the game and this is what came out.

Oh yes. That is minus 258,76 dollars. The lowest point was actually at -$382,89, I only had $30 or so left on my account at that point, should have gone broke but was saved due to cashback and deposit bonus. On October 17th I picked up The Grinder’s Manual for the first time and watched my first training video. This is around hand 16.000 on the graph. Although you can’t really see it from this one, the effect was almost immediate.

Before that point I was like a calling monkey, making hero river calls all day (36% went to showdown – for all you poker players reading this), which is probably pretty standard for FL player jumping into NL games and after I fixed this, I actually started winning hands at showdown! As a matter of fact, since my Now or Never blog post, I’m in green numbers and without spoiling too much, I’m doing fine in November as well.

Literally in span of a week I went from “Games are too hard for me” to “Shouldn’t be a problem at all” and honestly, it most certainly shouldn’t be – it is NL10 for Christ’s sake! 🙂 Currently playing 2 tables of fast forward and hands really fly fast here. I know it would be better for my game, if I played the regular ones, but it’s just too much fun. The thing that I liked the most is that I’m actually THINKING while playing now and not just clicking random buttons. It makes quite a difference, who would’ve thought, huh? 😛 I still have a lot to learn, though. Just scratching the surface at the moment.

Call, call, call, all-in. It’s all good.

Will leave you with some stats for the month of October. For the next reports I promise to post them a bit sooner. If you’re missing anything from these reports and think it should be added (stats, info, whatever), let me know! Also writing some other exciting stuff for future posts.

October 2017

Hands played: 26302
Hours played: 39h
Winnings: -$258,76
Cashback and bonuses: $65
Net total: -$193,76 (-166,27€)