Hello Universe!

Hello Universe!

Hello boys and girls of the universe!

Welcome to the first ever entry on my newest site CoreySteel.EU. “Hello World” is a title that WordPress (and basically any other similar service) uses for a first post on a newly established blog. And it’s not just blogs, “Hello World” is a common phrase used in a lot of programing codes and languages, as a simple return message to test if everything is working fine. I remember doing myself the exact same thing when learning PHP, ActionScript, Java or just creating a simple HTML document.

<?php echo “Hello World”; ?>

But it’s 2016 now and we are on the brink of becoming an interplanetary species, so replacing the word World with Universe seems kinda appropriate. I’m sure someone in the year 2035 or something is reading this blog post from Mars. Yes, I am that confident in human’s ability to travel and set up a colony on the red planed AND confident that my blog is going to be worth reading from there… OK maybe not confident enough about the latter 😛 .


So what can you expect from this site? LifePokerGamesFoodBeer are going to be the main topics as you can see from the banner. I’ve been playing poker for more than 10 years now and I’ve learned a lot during this time, so I was hoping to collect some of this material that’s stuck in my brains and turn it into poker articles. As some of you already know, PokerStars stopped offering real money games in my home country of Slovenia, due to new legislation that it’s coming up and that means that I’ve lost my main playing site and lost my sponsorship with PokerStars on top of that. It was awesome being a member of Team Pro Online in the course of the last three years, but now I have to move on. All of this forces me to adapt and I’m basically starting from the beginning with new sites and new poker variants. Of course you’ll be able to follow my progress here on coreysteel.eu 🙂 .

In between poker posts I’ll be writing about my life and my hobbies as well. And I have lots of those. I really wish there would be more than 24 hours in a day. World… ehm… Universe has so much to offer and it’s not fair that I have to make priorities with some stuff. I know, first world problems right here! 🙂 But in all honesty, my girlfriend is my priority no.1. She is probably going to read this, so I have to mention this for legal reasons 😛 😀 .  Oh, and I shouldn’t forget about Limit Cat. I’m sure he’ll get his own category limit cat icon.

So many toys, not enough time to play with all
First World Problems

Don’t expect too much content to quick, because it’s probably going to be a slow start here. I even needed weeks to decide on my design for the page, so I wonder how long it’s going to take to spill out enough words and letters for the website not to feel empty. But I’m sure we’ll eventually get there. This is actually not my first blog – as a mater of fact I had a number of them before, mostly on poker websites. Some more, some less successful, so this should be a walk in the park, right? 😛 In the mean time feel free to follow me on social media. Am present on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and coming back to streaming on Twitch soon-ish™.

Hope you have a nice stay and I’ll see you in the next one!