Finally Getting a Man Cave


I have always dreamt about having a man cave and now that I moved to a house, I’m finally getting one! Well I’m settled here since end of December already, but I’m just buying and decorating it now in May. There have been a few “complications” along the road.

Man cave is a room, space, corner or area of a dwelling that is specifically reserved for a male person to be in a solitary condition, away from the rest of the household in order to work, play, involve himself in certain hobbies, activities without interruption. This area is usually decorated by the male that uses it without interference from any female influence.

The biggest problem is that room is fairly small, only 4 by 3 meters big (that’s about 130 square feet for 8% of my readers that use imperial). Which by itself could be enough but it’s not really, due to the fact that I want SO MANY freaking things in my man cave. Besides being a room where I enjoy myself, I also want it to be my office where I work from. I want bookshelves, sofa, tv stand, piano, alcohol cabinet, desk, office cabinets, … How do you squeeze all these in a 12 m2 big of a room? Well, the answer is pretty easy… You can’t, so we need compromises.

Here are some of the pictures of my blank canvas. I already had an office desk and a small drawer that it’s going under the desk. Everything else was up for grabs!

My desk, pc and that small drawer unit are staying.
I know, it’s a mess right now.

First time that I got an idea about an actual design was a few years back in IKEA where I saw one of their already set up rooms. Everything was in black, from famous Billy bookshelves, to a leather sofa and a coffee table. Black cabinets with glass doors, in it whiskey glasses and nice LED lighting. It looked super slick, super manly and I fell in love right away.

I want it!

I actually had a few bigger rooms to choose from as well, as it’s a fairly big family house, but I picked the smallest one for a reason. I kinda made a sacrifice and left bigger rooms alone for other purposes (kids). I obviously should be happy that I even have a room designated only for me. How many people can even say that?

Playing Interior Designer

No female influence for a man cave whatsoever.
But a cat can help!

I opened up Microsoft Visio, draw the floor plan, started putting in all the furniture that’s on my wishlist and I quickly realized there’s no chance I’m getting in everything. Not even close. I probably made 20 different designs and wasn’t happy with either one. That’s why I put everything on hold for a few months and picked it up now.

This time I took a bit different route. I printed my room layout on one paper and all the pieces of furniture on the other one. Then I cut everything out and start placing it like some sort of a puzzle, as you can see from the picture on the right. Of course all the pieces were in a correct ratio. This way I could test different rearrangements way quicker than on a computer. And after what felt like a million iterations I finally found THE ONE!


So about those compromises. The first thing that I’m removing is my piano. There’s just not enough room for this enormous elephant. It takes too much real estate. I kinda knew this from the beginning, but I was still hopeful. It’s going into the living room, it will fit perfectly there anyway.

Instead of a 2-seater sofa I’m getting “only” a 1-seater/armchair from the same Landskrona line, plus an ottoman (pic below). This one is probably the biggest blow of all. I tried the sofa in IKEA and it was super comfortable and I would love to have it. HATE COMPROMISES, but it had to be done.

I guess an armchair + an ottoman will have to do.

And I also can’t have an additional office storage & drawer. IKEA is offering so many units with various sizes, usages, colours and whatnot, but none fit in my “office part” of a man cave. But I’m keeping a bookshelf! Pretty stoked about that, they even have a piece for making corner bookcases as you’ll see from the pictures.

Final Design

So here are the pictures of the final design. As you can see half of the room is designated for fun and the other half is for work. Don’t mind that round table at the middle, it’s just a representation of an ottoman. IKEA’s 3D planner is awesome, but they don’t have every single piece in their database. Unless you are renovating a kitchen, that one has everything.

And here’s a 3D representation.

That’s not the correct chair, but you get the picture. In the back liquor cabinet.
TV, bookshelves and a random plant obstructing the view.

I’m sure I could squeeze even more stuff in if I really wanted, but it already look and feel a bit crowdy. At first I didn’t even know if there’s going to be enough room for me to get to the desk. On that paper “layout puzzle” it seemed way worse, but when I put all the stuff in this 3D view and ran it… I think it looks fine! There’s no going back now anyway.

The Hard Part

As you can see you are at the end of my blog post. Where are the final pictures you are asking? Furniture is ordered, paid for but it’s delivered tomorrow, so I haven’t started putting it together just yet. So the hard part hasn’t even begun. This might be quite a project for me, so you’ll have to wait for another blog post to see how everything turns out 🙂 The biggest pain in the ass is probably going to be the piano, this thing weighs a ton! I’ll have to pay someone to move it 10 meters from this to another room. Any takers? 😛