Booze Trip #3


Long time since my last blog post, was busy with life. But now making a plan for a “comeback” and I think this report will be a good place to start. And I hope totally worth the wait too 🙂

It was that time of the year when my friends and I went on another Booze Trip. This one was a third one in the last three years, all of them being in April too, so Booze Trip is becoming pretty much our tradition at this point! We were so impressed with Trip #1 in 2015 that we decided we’re going to keep the same plan in 2016 and this year as well. Even though there were ideas to try something else, we just kept circling back to the original program. And to quote Dr. Prlek: “Why fix something that it’s not broken?”

Booze Trip #3 consisted of three stops. First stop was a gastropub Golar in Gornja Radgona, Slovenija. They have a microbrewery called Bevog stationed just across the border in Austria, which was actually our 2nd stop. Last, but most certainly not least, we finished our day in what we call a “Whisky Shop”, but it has an official name of course – Golden Rain. Also stationed in Bad Radkersburg, Austria, but again with Slovenian owners. Have to point out that radius for all these stops is only few kilometers, so everything was super close.

I think I’ll mostly let picture speaks from themselves and just add some details here and there.

Pivohram Golar

This building was initially bought for a microbrewery, but due to all the problems with getting a concession for water use, they moved it across the border to Austria instead and just opened a gastropub in this place. Bit of a shame of course, but still pretty good for a consumer like me. It’s only like a 5 minute drive from one to the other.


I’m always recommending Golar to anyone who happens to be in that part of Slovenia. Good beer (Bevog as their flagship of course) and good food. You really can’t miss much, whatever you order. I ate three different burgers so far, few different chicken wings and was always satisfied with my order. Only had one dessert though – magic chocolate ball. I wanted to try something else this year, but nope. It’s just too good 🙂

Chocolate Magic Ball with dark beer mousse.

Bevog Brewery

Already told you few details about the brewery, but not that their smoked porter OND is my favourite beer! Just FYI if someone decides to send me one 😛 In 2015 we also had a tour of their production facility, but didn’t need one this time, even though they probably doubled in size in these two years.

Some people just can’t handle the beer. 1dcl on the left.









This is also a perfect time to restock my beer storage rack. Bought 30 bottles, 6 of each that I like. We’ll see if it’s going to be enough for one year. 🙂

Golden Rain

And here is our last stop of the day – Golden Rain aka. Whisky Shop (slo. viskarna). It is pretty much considered as the Main Event of the evening. Don’t get me wrong, both Golar and Bevog brewery are mighty fine side events, but this is what we were all waiting for. We were blown away the first time we were here and we weren’t disappointed this time around either.

We started outside…

Run by a couple – she handles the beverage and he does the food. You can hear and see the way they describe the drinks and food that they love and take a great pride in what they do. This way even we as a costumers also feel special. I really appreciated everything, even though I was tipsy quite fast 😛 Considering the price, value is ridiculous. Have to put a disclaimer that we have “connections” here and everything was agreed beforehand, but still. In 2015 we almost forgot to pay. Half of the people were already on the street and then someone asks, if we actually paid or not. We didn’t and then they said some ridiculous low price and I felt bad as we drank so much booze that evening.

… continued upstairs …

As you’ll see from the pictures, we were at three different spots. First we started outside as it was nice warm weather, then we moved upstairs. I think we would go there sooner, if we knew they actually set up such a nice table for us. And for the hard liquor part we settled downstairs.

… and finished strong downstairs.

Incoming food photos! Don’t have actual pictures for the drinks, but I’ll just copy/paste the list of what we had. Thank god someone was writing these things down along.

(left) Prosciutto crudo, dried at least two years. (right) Veal’s tongue.
(left) Grilled tuna with homegrown lemon. (right) Yin Yang Salmon
(left) Frogs legs. (middle) Burger. (right) Goulash

At this point I have to say that I was so full I couldn’t even finish the goulash. You may think I’m exaggerating here, but I was never this full before in my life. I actually had to go on a short walk around the city 🙂 No worries, didn’t miss anything!

Hmm… What should I try??

Below you can see the list of the drinks we had. If I said before that someone couldn’t handle the beers, then well… Have to admit at this point that I can’t handle/don’t like whiskys unfortunately. At least not yet and at least not something as Ardbeg Uigeadail.

Nice view from upstairs.

Damn, I just had a smell of that one and had to do another round around the city. Rye one was fine though, but it wasn’t for me.

But I did enjoy everything else. Really liked Ron de Jeremy XO rum. I would buy it, but I already have Diplomatico at home, so I wanted something different. Will put it on my short list for sure, if nothing else it would be funny to have a bottle with Ron Jeremy’s face on it 😀

At the end I decided on Monkey 47 gin. I know I just said I wanted something different, but bought this one anyway, even though I have gins at home already. Primarily Hendrick’s gin. First, I really really liked Monkey. And second… Summer is coming and besides beer, I drink gin tonics 🙂 So it definitely won’t go in vain.

And this is pretty much it. Congrats to everyone who got to the end of this report :).  Have to say again that it was an awesome Booze Trip. Can’t wait for the next one, only 354 days to go :P. Maybe, just maybe we’ll do something else next year… But knowing my friend and myself… Probably not 😀

Jurka sparking wine

Here’s the full list:


  • Jurka sparking wine
  • Silver Brut
  • Welschriesling 2011 (slo. Laški rizling)
  • Sauvignon 2015
  • Pinot Gris orange (slo. Sivi pinot)
  • Riesling 2015 (slo. Renski rizling)
  • Modra Frankinja 2015 (ger. Blaufränkisch)
  • Kaiken Malbec
  • Strawberry sparkling wine
  • Mango sparkling wine
  • Bulleit Rye 95 (whisky)
  • Wild Turkey
  • Powers Gold Label
  • Jameson 18
  • Togouchi
  • Ancnoc Cutter
  • Ardbeg Uigeadail
  • Ron de Jeremy XO (rum)
  • Flor de Caña
  • Diplomatico
  • Monkey 47 (gin)

Some random photos.


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