The Grand Plan


I know you guys probably expected monthly report already, but it will have to wait a little bit more. I want to present my “Grand Plan” first.

So in previous entry I announced that I am back playing poker, but I deliberately left out any other details, because there would be just too much info in one place. Of course I already got questions how I’m tackling studying poker, which books I’m reading, what videos am I watching, where I play, how many tables and so on… I intend to answer all these questions and more in this blog post!


Without a doubt the most crucial part of the whole operation. Choosing the right material to study can be hard, especially for someone like me who is just starting to dabble with No Limit, but has previous poker experience. Don’t need a book to explain me positions at the tables, but also can’t kickoff with a $1000 pdf file made by some math whiz. So I guess something in between? 🙂

Did some research, asked people whose opinion I trust and decided to go with Carroter’s The Grind Manual. So far really pleased with it, it’s easy to follow and seems a perfect level for me. I already know I’ll have to go through it more than once. Besides that, he’s also making videos on DeucesCracked, which I’m member for many years now and those really go hand in hand with the book.

No idea when I’ll outgrown this material, but I have some stuff already lined up – mainly videos from RunItOnce, which are way too advanced for me right now. Regarding books probably two from Matthew Janda, but I’m sure there will be new books released before I need to jump to a higher level 😉 Actually, Peter Clarke does have a new one already!


Without a doubt the most crucial part of the whole opera… Wait, what? 😀 Well studying doesn’t help me much, if I won’t be actually playing poker, right? And of course applying everything that I’ve learned in to my repertoire. Majority of my play will be on three sites and they are quite different from each other, so let’s go through them.

Unibet is the first site that I’ve joined after PokerStars closed the door on us and I immediately grew fond of it. It’s directed heavily towards fun players with its challenges, no HUD, no waiting lists, changing aliases and so on. Software works really well for me and it’s very slick. Because player pool is a little bit weaker here, I’m playing on NL25 and two or three tables at once. They too don’t allow new signings from Slovenia at the moment, but old accounts can play normally.

PartyPoker is the biggest network where I can play at the moment. There’s no surprise that player pool is the hardest from these three sites, so I’m starting at NL10, but I’m playing on two fast forward tables at once (zoom, fast fold). People are asking me why I play here, even though the competition is so hard and there are several reasons. First, I can play with HUD and hand history is stored in my poker tracker (Hold’em Manager), so I can easily review my sessions. Second, they offer reasonable rakeback and other promos. And lastly, sometimes it’s just nice to sit down at fast forward table and not worry about table selection and just play play play.

BetKings is a site on the Asian GG Network, the softest of all. I mean do we need any more reason than that? They are also geared towards fun players with all their bells and whistles – straddle, all-in insurance, emojis, rabbit hole, … Here I also feel totally comfortable playing on NL25. I would join even more sites, but I think three is more than enough, even though I might try out some smaller ones later on. It’s going to be fun balancing between Unibet, Party and BetKings. I also have excel file ready to track all the results, bonuses and rakeback to document everything, so I can see which site is the most profitable for me to play on.

Always nice to see “Drawing dead” on the flop.


I kinda divided my goals into three different categories – short-, mid- and long-term.

Short-term goals are pretty straight forward as I want to beat small stakes No Limit Hold’em cash games. I’m starting with NL10 and my end goal is NL50(party) or NL100(rest). Even though it’s under “short-term” I don’t expect for this period to be THAT short. I know some guys worked really hard to get to this level and I’m no poker prodigy who would steamroll through the stakes, so it’s going to take time. Nevertheless, getting to NL50/NL100 should be more than doable.

Mid-term goals are all about proving the concept (beating cash games) and applying all this gathered knowledge into tournaments. Online MTTs are without a doubt the softest games out there and I want to be a part of them. I wasn’t that fond of tournaments in the past, but I would feel really bad if I didn’t try them seriously at least once in my poker career. I know I would always ask myself “what if?” otherwise. Also want to play in some local +100€ buyins live tournaments.

Long-term goals are traveling around and playing in poker tours. At this point I should already be well-off at poker, so this would be more of a reward and enjoyment than anything else. To be honest, I’m not sure if I’ll ever reach this level. Odds are definitely against me, but if nothing else, I would at least like to spend one summer in Vegas and play in the World Series of Poker. Shouldn’t listed this as a long-term goal, but more as a bucket list thing or something.

So this is it, this is my so called Grand Plan. I know it’s nothing special, but there’s really no need for any fancy stuff. Just have to start doing it – stop talking and writing blogs and start doing it. In the last two weeks I’ve already done more than in whole previous year together, but this is just a beginning.