Poker Report March/April 2018: Back at the Tables


Finally another poker update from me. I returned to the tables in March after a few months hiatus. I was super busy with life, which I kinda expected and also hinted on it in one of the previous blog entries. Still didn’t really expect to be away for such a long time, but family will always be first.

So I’ve played a whooping 59 hours of poker in March and April together. Yeah, I know. I didn’t win any money unfortunately, but at least I started playing and studying again. If I had to guess I’d say I’m breakeven/slightly losing player in PartyPoker’s NL10 fast forward pool and in Unibet’s NL25 pool. Cashback and bonuses are “saving me” for now. 🙂

You don’t flop straight flush everyday.

In terms of mistakes I’m still doing the most common things, that is calling down with A-high too much (used of it from Fixed Limit), making far to many fancy plays where they are not needed. I don’t even have a 3bet/4bet bluffing range and I’m stacking everyone with QQ easily and so on… So there’s A LOT of room for improvement.

Stacking with QQ like a boss!

My goal is to beat both of above mentioned pools by the end of May. That doesn’t mean I’ll move up necessarily, but I also won’t be shy from making some shots. But I have to admit that it’s really refreshing to just sit down at NL10 table, open a beer and have a no-worry session from time to time with some random button clicking 😀 Couldn’t really afford that in previous years when I was playing seriously. At least I know that wherever I’ll be in terms of poker-seriousness, I’ll always be a fan of the game.

Here are the numbers and graphs for March&April together.

March + April 2018

Hands played: 38823
PartyPoker: 28446, Unibet: 10377

Hours played: 59h

Winnings: -$95,12 (-78,74€)
PartyPoker: -$77,87, Unibet: -14,28€

Cashback and bonuses: $112,65 (93,25€)
PartyPoker: $45,00, Unibet: 56,00€

Net total: $17,53 (14,51€)

Unibet: -14,28€ winnings + 56,00 € bonuses
PartyPoker: -$77,87 winnings + $45,00 cashback