Poker Report June/July 2018: Falling Into Football Craze


Didn’t have time to do a report at the end of June, so here’s another double month update. Let’s get one thing over quickly.

Failed Goals

Yeah, we are starting with this one unfortunately. Set really high goals for myself in May but didn’t came even close of completing them and I have one thing to blame – football. You may ask yourself, how does a sport influence in one’s poker goals? I wasn’t even watching that many games!

Well… Usually when a big sporting event is going on there’s a high influx of traffic at online gambling sites. People like betting on sports, who knew, right?! And if there’s increased traffic in sports bets, there’s also increased traffic in poker. And the games during football World Cup were crazy at Unibet! I’ve made over 50 screenshots of individual or series of hands that were blowing my mind. In two instances we had someone at the table who was willing to pretty much donate 100s of Euros by going all-in on almost every hand.


I don’t want to bother you too much with bad beat stories. I was never a guy who would be whining about poor luck or something like that. I knew from early beginnings how variance in poker works so I was always prepared for anything and nothing really upset me. So these hands below are not for me to moan, but just to show you how wacky the games were. As a poker player I can be super happy to be in this position, even though these few times, it didn’t go my way.

Just a note, I’m always sitting in “6 o’clock seat”. You can change several nicknames and avatars daily, that’s why I have a different name all the time.

This first series was probably the biggest one. I went all-in about 20-25x times! Was down 200€ at the lowest point, the whole session was 5 hours long which is the longest I’ve played since 2009 😀 At the end I also paid 65€ in rake, which is a ridiculous number.

This is where I’ve started doing screenshots. I was up 90€ at first, but then losing commenced, hand by hand. Here we went all-in preflop QQ vs 52.

Another all-in preflop AK vs Q7. Notice Sansear having 136€ stack? Yeah, this is pretty much all my money, which went from me to Axelroth to him.

He also woke up with a real hand here and there.

Not my hand but wanted to show how my money went to Sansear. All-in on the turn!

Started winning my money back. All-in preflop of course.

And this was the last hand, I actually got lucky here! He quit after this one. As you can see from the screenshot, its almost 4 AM. I would have played until the morning if needed 😀 Ended up with 196€ stack, which meant I was still down 46€. As said, 65€ was paid in rake alone 🙂

Here are some random hands. He went all-in on the river, easy call 🙂

All-in flop. Not in my house!

Another “unlucky” all-in on the flop.

Gunners333 was another donator. This is the last hand in the series. All-in on the flop for 210€ pot 😐 That’s two months worth of (my current) winnings in just one hand!

Another creative all-in, this time on the river. I was having none of it.

All these hands below were all-in preflop.

I’ll stop now. I’ve made 52 screenshot altogether and posted 14 of them. So that’s just 1/3. It really was a crazy month at Unibet.

Unibet’s World Cup Promo

In May’s update I was talking about this football World Cup promo that they had. It was a good one, with bunch of challenges where you can collect football shirts of participating nations in WC. I felt like a kid again, collecting stickers for the album.

There was one slight problem though. France won. Didn’t collect it when I had a chance and knew immediately that wasn’t a good decision. But I didn’t realize just how much until the first few matchdays as France was clearly the best team of this year’s tournament. Besides France, I was also missing Uruguay from the Top8 and this was actually a pair in the quarter finals. Oh well, share of €50k prizepool down the drain. 😛 It was still lots of fun!


Now that we are at a height of a summer, I expect games to slow down and so will I. I know I’ve said this the last time already, but I’m actually going on vacations in August. Definitely need a breather and can’t wait for it. I still hope to find the time to finish The Grinders Manual, besides that I don’t expect much more poker activity. Maybe I’ll try to play from the beach, with mobile in one hand, beer in the other and having feet in the see, just because I can 😀

Will play more in the last third of the month. There was also a new reload bonus offer at PartyPoker for 100% up to 325€ and I used it. Didn’t deposit the whole amount as I know I won’t be able to clear it, but can’t say no to a few extra Euros 🙂 If I’ve played mostly at Unibet in June & July, so I’ll focus more on fast forward games on Party in August.

A new to-do thing is also to research poker coaching sites a bit and figure out what might work best for me. I want to dig in video watching as well, which will be way easier to process information than reading a book. But that will probably have to wait for September.

June & July 2018 Results

Hands played: 56530
PartyPoker: 17756, Unibet: 38774

Hours played: 106h

Winnings: $127,22 (109,48€)
PartyPoker: -$105,20, Unibet: 200,05€

Cashback and bonuses: $221,01 (190,27€)
PartyPoker: $78,23, Unibet: 122,92€

Tournaments: $54,00

Net total: $402,23 (346,26€)

PartyPoker: -$105,20 winnings + $78,23 cashback
Unibet: 200,05€ winnings + 122,92 € cashback