Planet Earth II is amazing

If you don’t know what Planet Earth series is, then… Well… You might not even be living on planet Earth in the first place! It’s just a series that when you finish watching it, you feel so amazed by all the beauty and at the same time, also feel so stupid, as you realize how little you knew about your own planet.

BBC Knows How

BBC’s documentary production is top notch. Amazing shots, great score and nature you’ve never seen before. At the end everything is neatly put together in a cohesive manner and last but not least – it’s narrated by David Attenborough.

In last few years I’ve seen bunch of BBC’s documentaries (Life, Blue Planet, Frozen Planet, Africa, …) and they were all supreme, Planet Earth of course being the absolute best and it’s also the 2nd highest voted TV series of all time on IMDB list (between 1st Band of Brothers and 3rd Breaking Bad). So naturally I was excited when I heard it’s coming back for second installment. This time also with Hans Zimmer as a composer! Just watching the trailer gave me goosebumps.

I was lucky enough I stumbled upon PE2 announcement only about a month ago and not sooner, so I didn’t have to wait too long before the series premiered on TV. Oh the poor souls who knew this was coming for many many months and had to suffer all this time 😛 Like I have to with George R.R. Martin and his Song of Ice and Fire books. Gat dammit GRRM, pull it together man!

Series so good you’ll feel so amazed by all the beauty and at the same time, also feel so stupid, as you realize how little you knew about your own planet.

Dragons, Bears and Flamingos

flamingos doing their thing
What the hell flamingos?!

So I’ve seen first two episodes of the new Planet Earth and it totally lived up to my expectations. Some of the things were so unreal that if it wouldn’t be labeled as a documentary, I could totally see it being a CGI or some other special effects. For example, Komodo dragons. I heard about them before, seen them on pictures, but never before in action. They are freakin’ dinosaurs!!! I mean… They are not, but they totally could be! If I saw them in Jurassic Park, I wouldn’t even blink my eye. They would fit perfectly. And Marine Iguanas diving for food… It looked so surreal. Grizzly bears acted liked humans dressed in a costume. What were flamingos doing, I also don’t know.

But there’s of course that one scene that everyone is talking about. THE scene. Supposedly the best ever taken on camera and I can hardly dispute that. Whoever watched the first episode knows what I’m talking about. I kind of fudged it up, because I saw this scene a day before I watched the first episode of Planet Earth II, so I spoiled it for myself (didn’t know what I was clicking on) and there are not many things that I hate more than movie/TV spoilers. So that’s why I won’t be posting that link here, but just go watch it yourself. I don’t think I ever sweat that much watching documentary. I’ve already said too much, I’ve said to much!


So after episodes are over, BBC is showing us behind the scenes of making this incredible series, as we see bunch of filming locations and how they captured some of these memorable moments. Oh man, I’m going to sound such douche right now, but you know what…? I don’t care about those at all. I know, I know. I’m a terrible person. They were shooting this for 5 years, they even risked their lives to bring us all these awesome footage and I’m meh.

I mean… I am interested, but it’s a really hard watch for me. Just knowing that human foot set on Zavodovski Island to get shots of penguins, kind of ruins the whole magic for me. And yes, I’m aware that pictures have to come from somewhere 😀 I like sausages too, but I don’t want to know how they are made either. 😛

This is how islands are made these days.

It’s similar with movies and fictional TV series played by famous actors. If it’s not a good enough of a story, I start thinking what I just read about that actor/actress online and then I can’t relate to a role. That’s not a problem here, because storytelling is good, but then the diaries start (that’s how they call making-ofs) and I realize: “Right… There were humans here…” 🙂

One more thing. You can see quite a difference in BBC’s documentaries in comparison to American ones. Pace is totally different, there’s no see-what-happens-when-we-come-back bullshit, triple replays, weird graphics and so on. Just amazing shots, great music and soothing voice of sir Attenborough. No need for anything else, animals speak for themselves.