Fuck 2016, amiright?!


On the interwebz, year 2016 is highly regarded as the worst year ever in history of years. That’s why “Fuck 2016” meme was also born. But… was it really that bad? Well, it didn’t spare me either. Let’s have a quick look.

It all started with David Bowie…
Photo: www.davidbowie.com

Only few more days left

Everything started with David Bowie dying in January and then it followed with bunch of other celebrities. Some really big names have left earth in the likes of Gene Wilder, Muhammad Ali, Leonard Cohen, Prince, Maester Aemon and the list goes on and on. To be honest, for me this feels pretty normal. Radio, TV and internet made a lot of famous people in the last 50 years or so and some of them are turning pretty old these days. People hoping it’s going to get less depressing in 2017, but I think Grim Reaper is going to visit many celebrities next year as well. Seems very morbid, but people on reddit are already guessing who is going to be the last one. It became one big circlejerk at this point and I really wish this year would come to an end, so we can stop with this nonsense.

And wow… While writing this blog post I just found out that George Michael, aged 53 has passed away peacefully at home. I was just listening to his songs today during Christmas lunch with my family (I’m sure lots of people have done the same). How messed up you have to be to kill a singer with a hit song Last Christmas on Christmas day. Hmm… Maybe this 2016 really is special in its own way.

Of course it wasn’t just celebrities leaving Earth why 2016 got this title. There was some other fucked up shit happening across the globe. Refugee/Immigration crisis in Europe, terrorism at our doorstep, new wars brewing, natural disasters, plane crash killing whole football team, ISIS. Brits were shocked about BREXIT. Half a people across the big pond also not satisfied with the president they elected. I really didn’t want to mention this one, but what the heck – killing of Harambe. YouTube made some weird business decisions. I could go on, but will stop here. John Oliver in his Last Week Tonight With made a nice tribute to 2016, you can watch it below.

Mini Black Friday

Like I said at the start of this post, 2016 didn’t spare me either. There were two big (negative) things that happened to me this year. First one was in July when PokerStars decided to leave Slovenia due to gambling regulations that are brewing up here (and I totally support these, btw). Being a member of PokerStars Team Pro Online and a Limit Hold’em player that was of course a total shock for me. Basically became unemployed over night, without any real warning. Similar as US version of Black Friday that happened on April 15, 2011, we were given notice on Friday July 1st, hence the “Mini Black Friday”.

I don’t think there was a single player affected as much as I was. If I were playing any other format, I could find games on other sites as rest have. But not really Fixed Limit. That’s why I also started my No Limit project, which is more like a hobby than a real thing at this point. No wonder I was also thinking of moving to Austria or at least commute there (one hour drive), but at the end decided to stay here and just wait it out. Some poker colleagues have moved, some are staying put like me and we’ll see who has made a correct decision at the end.

Shock for Slovenian players

I get asked about PokerStars pretty much daily. Now that it’s gone and that players have to grind on other poker sites, they started to realize how good of site it actually was. Usually people asking when is it going to return, some even questioning if. I don’t have much information to give, but I do believe we’ll be playing on PokerStars in 2017. Question is of course when and in what kind of a shape.

Streptococcus intermedius

Some of you already know about this, but most of you probably don’t. I woke up one day in September with a lot of lower back pain. Hardly got up from bed to take an aspirin or something. Got through the day somehow, hoping it will be better tomorrow, but nope. It got worse tenfold and I couldn’t even get out of the bed, pain was that bad, so I had to be rushed to ER. They actually didn’t figure out what was wrong with me at that point, just gave me bunch of painkillers and sent me home. Didn’t help, pain was unbearable. Went to my personal doctor, who figured out something else is going on here and she directed me to a correct emergency unit department of infectious diseases.

1 month and 11 different roommates

Went through bunch of blood tests, MRI, ultrasound, x-ray and I finally got my diagnosis – Streptococcus intermedius. Bacterial infection in my thigh muscle and pelvic bone. Totally random, even to this day they have no idea how I got it. It’s a bacteria that YOU have it in your body as well, but mine somehow got into the blood stream and anchor itself in my leg and started to grow. Spend one month in a hospital and then had to drive there daily to get further treatments for an additional month. Only about two weeks ago I got a clean bill of health.

It’s hard to describe the pain. Just to picture it, I had food plate in my arms reach, but couldn’t reach it anyway. At the start I was given some really powerful painkillers, twice a day. And for about an hour or two, I actually felt fine. That was the time when I could pick up a phone and write a text, or go to a bathroom, eat and sleep. I was asked several times to rate my pain from 1 to 10. Usually said 7, but I really can’t imagine what 9 or 10 has to feel. Hope I’ll never have to find out.


Like I said, am OK now even though I’ll still be in small pain for the first part of the new year. But that is nothing in comparison what it could have been and at least I’m lucky enough to not have any major consequences.

Even after saying all that, I don’t think 2016 wasn’t THAT bad. How can I complain when I have roof over my head, food on the table, loving family, loving girlfriend. And a cat. I mean, could’ve been better? Sure. But it could have easily been way worse.

But I’ll go with the flow here and because it’s nice to say some dirty words from time to time I’ll say Fuck you, 2016. Only few more days left, don’t you dare spoil it for me! 2017 is just around the corner and let’s make the best of it!