Hey boys and girls.

My name is Luka Kovač and I’m a professional poker player. Online I’m more known under my handle CoreySteel, but you can also find me as LukaSteel on PokerStars. I’ve been playing poker for more than a decade now, last three years I was also a member of PokerStars Team Pro Online. My main game throughout all these years was Limit Hold’em.

Currently a bit on hiatus due to PokerStars not being available in my country, so I’m exploring new possibilities. From trying new poker sites, new poker variants, to exploring non-poker stuff as well (like this blog) and even using my degree as Multimedia Production Engineer, if you can believe that!

Poker takes a lot of time, but I still have some left for other hobbies, which I plan to write about here on my new blog. Video games, sports, food, beer, pencil puzzles, space, you name it.

Hope you have a nice stay here on CoreySteel.eu and don’t forget to follow me on social media! 😉